Experts in Operational Real Estate

Property management

Oppexx Property Management specializes in boutique multifamily developments -both urban and suburban mixed use communities.  Our background in urban planning, and experience in sustainable development proves to be an invaluable commodity for a variety of ownership groups and markets.  We have the know-how and diligence to create and nurture the relationships that are necessary to ensure long-term project success, or increased short-term gains.  Success takes the form of stable cash-on-cash returns, which is fueled by steady revenue growth and attentive capital planning.  We have our finger on the pulse of the market, and we will help you and your investors achieve your goals.

Benchmarking – Commercial & Multifamily

  Using the latest tools for energy benchmarking we will help you measure an asset’s utility consumption and track it over time.  We will complete any required yearly reporting and make recommendations for energy improvements, and we can manage any related capital improvement projects.  
  Our goal is your goal -as Certified Property Managers we understand the tension between meeting regulations and, at the same time, meeting ownership goals.  We will help you achieve both.

Due Diligence – Multifamily  

At Oppexx, our experience is what matters when it comes to assessing and inspecting Real Property investments.  We have performed Due Diligence inspections across the country for new asset investment partners, institutional investors and regional syndications.    Our service will not only take the stress of of your own personnel, but we can provide the 3rd party buffer that is sometimes needed when reporting back to investment groups.    

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