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IKEA furniture is no longer just for kids and people who love the outdoors.

The company is also looking to turn its catalog into a real estate portal, offering to help prospective home buyers find the right home.

In a post on its blog, the company said that it has launched a new platform called RealHome, which will allow users to find the perfect home by comparing photos of homes across different catalogs.

The company said the platform will allow prospective homebuyers to see homes that “look similar in every respect” to the real estate catalog, but with a “more modern design, less expensive price tag, and more spacious living space.”

Users will be able to create profiles with photos of the home, and the company will be collecting data to provide “homebuyers with real-time insights on how the house looks,” the post said.

It also announced a new “virtual home” feature, where users can share photos from their “virtual homes” with other users.

The feature will be rolled out over the coming months.

While the platform is a step forward for the furniture giant, it will still be years before it will be widely used.

The vast majority of homes on the market today are made up of a single, flat, single-family house.

The majority of people who own these homes are people who are buying for themselves or for family members, so they are typically a single-person household.

And while there are now hundreds of millions of homebuyer profiles on the platform, only a tiny fraction of them are actually owned by the average homebuyER.

That is changing, though.

According to the firm’s data, “Over a year ago, the average number of home owners in the U.S. was about 15 million, with the vast majority (about 90 percent) being owned by one person.”

In other words, the majority of American homes today are owned by people with very specific needs.

The majority of this demand is coming from millennials, who are increasingly looking to purchase homes for themselves and their families.

The firm expects the number of homes owned by Millennials to increase to about 10 million by the end of the decade.

But, the number is expected to continue to fall, because of a combination of the housing crisis, the housing crash, and other factors, including higher-than-expected demand for homes, lower supply, and a decrease in demand for existing homes.

The biggest reason for this is that the number and type of homes being bought are increasing.

In fact, the firm expects that demand for single-story homes will be at its lowest point in about five years, while demand for multiple-story houses is expected go up, especially among millennials.

That means that the vast number of properties being built by big companies like IKEAs will be building smaller houses and apartments than the average American.

This trend is happening as the country transitions to a more walkable, connected society.

And with homebuyERS growing older, more of their homes will need to be more affordable.

“We’ve got a huge number of houses in the pipeline that are going to be built on very low-income land,” said Jason Moll, the managing director of the Land Use Policy Group at the Urban Institute.

“People are really struggling to afford that, and they’re going to get older, and as their homes get older and their houses get more expensive, they’re really going to need to move.”

In the meantime, though, there are many homeowners who still have the ability to build a home with a great deal of affordability.

They’re making the choice to build their home in a way that looks great, that they’re comfortable with and that will allow them to live and work in their own community.

That means choosing to have a backyard or walk to work instead of driving from their house to their work.

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