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A US real estate agent is the most popular real estate broker in the country.

But a new survey finds many of those agents do not know how to handle a prospective buyer.

The survey of 500 US homeowners was conducted by RealTix, an online real estate company that monitors real estate activity.

It found that an average of 30% of homebuyers in the survey had not met with a real estate sales agent.

“If you’re buying a home that you don’t know how much money to put down, you need to do some research on how much the agent is worth, what it will be worth and whether you can afford it,” said RealTectrix CEO and president Steve Lissner.

“But if you’ve got a great offer, you can do the research and see what the agent’s price point is.”

The survey also found that the median amount of money a realtor had to put into a property was $3.9 million.

That means a buyer with a $100,000 deposit would have to spend $10,600.

The average agent in the study was willing to pay up to $1,500 to get a property.

But many agents who did not meet the survey’s criteria were also willing to charge more.

For example, a buyer who had a $200,000 down payment and a $1.2 million mortgage could expect to pay $1 million.

RealTix found that agents were willing to spend up to three times more than they were willing, for example, to give a $5,000 loan to a buyer.

This would make the agent spend up $7,200 for a $6,500 down payment.

Realtix also found agents were prepared to pay as much as $3,200 more for a property that was a 10-year fixed rate home loan than for a home with a variable rate loan.

Real Tectrix did not provide data on the median home price, but it did note that prices in the mid- to upper-middle-class range were higher.

“Some of the agents we surveyed were willing and able to charge $5 million for a 20-year mortgage, and others were willing $10 million,” Lissners said.

“This isn’t an isolated phenomenon.”

RealTectix says the survey shows there are some real estate agencies that are willing to offer high-end offers.

But it also found there are other agents that charge significantly more than the average.

For instance, an agent who paid $2.4 million for an $80,000 home with 10 years on it would have a mortgage of $12.6 million, compared to $5.3 million for one who paid just $2 million.

The RealTax survey also identified a few other agents who charge significantly less than the median.

“There are some agents that are charging $100 million or $300 million for the home, and some of those are paying $10 or $15 million, so that’s a very attractive offer,” Lismans said.

But some agents are more interested in offering a good deal than offering a great deal.

Real estate agents who didn’t meet the RealTox survey’s median asking price for a 10 years fixed rate loan were offering loans of between $300,000 and $700,000.

“Most of the real estate brokers we surveyed, they’re just offering a $300-million loan,” Lisseners said, referring to the median asking rate.

“You could put the money down, but that’s not the way to go about getting a loan.

They are offering a low rate and a high rate and they are willing and willing to be willing to make some sacrifices for a higher rate.”

Realtitects are often the most likely to offer higher-priced homes.

“It’s the biggest opportunity for a broker to make money.

They’re the best at making a good first impression, and they’re going to make a big profit off of that,” said Joe Fennell, president of the Institute of Real Estate.

Fennell said the higher the mortgage, the more valuable the property will be.

“The mortgage is what you can’t really say,” Fennells said.

“If it’s an apartment, you’re not going to be able to afford it.

If it’s a house, you might be able, but you’re just not going get in front of it.”

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