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Real estate agents are notoriously bad at telling you what to pay, but what do they actually do?

Is it because they don’t understand property taxes?

Or because they’re scared to tell you?

Let’s see what real estate agents actually do. 

Real estate agents have a range of interests and responsibilities that may overlap. 

They are also involved in the planning and construction of your home. 

You will usually be told how much you need to pay in property taxes, how much will you be required to pay and whether or not you can avoid paying them. 

Property tax exemption Real estate agent fees are often included in your contract, but this is usually for a short period of time, sometimes less. 

It may also be included in the price of the property you are buying. 

These are known as ‘property fees’. 

There are also deductions from your property taxes which may be included. 

For example, if you’re renting a house and your landlord is required to provide you with a home insurance policy, you may be asked to pay a property tax exemption.

This is the amount of tax you will pay if you don’t. 

If you pay your landlord the full property tax that the landlord owes you, the amount that will be included is the full amount of property tax. 

Other fees can be paid by you. 

The amount you pay for these things varies from property to property, and it’s not clear exactly how much they cost. 

However, in some cases, you will be able to choose the amount you want paid. 

Find out more about how much a property fee will cost You can be required by a real estate professional to pay tax on your own property or your neighbour’s property. 

When you pay a tax bill to the real estate broker, the broker will write it down as a property payment. 

This will usually include the property tax exempt amount, which is what you would have paid if you had not paid the tax.

The broker will then tell you what the property is worth. 

Some real estate professionals will also include the amount paid for a ‘home improvement tax’ on the property.

These taxes are usually collected by the local council or local authorities and are usually assessed on the value of the building and how much the work has been done. 

Once you are asked to provide this information, you are entitled to a copy of the tax bill and a receipt to send the document to your local council. 

A real estate tax exemption means you won’t have to pay any additional property tax on any of your properties. 

What’s the difference between property tax and tax exemption? 

Property taxes can be charged on property by a government or council, including councils. 

Tax exemptions are a tax paid by the buyer or tenant of a property.

Property taxes are paid by a property owner who is a tenant. 

Why do I have to send tax information to a real property agent? 

If a real-estate agent asks you to send in property tax information, they will be required before you pay any taxes. 

Before you can legally send in a tax return, you need permission from the tax collector or other official responsible for collecting the tax, who may be a council or government official. 

After you’ve been told to send it in, you must pay a fee for doing so. 

To find out more, read How to file a tax tax return. 

Is there a tax holiday on my property?

Property owners may have a property holiday, or a period of rest or relaxation for which they can pay tax.

These are known collectively as a tax holidays. 

Are there tax breaks I can get for living on a property? 

There’s usually a period during which you can be eligible for a tax relief, such as: a reduced mortgage rate (known as the ‘saver rate’) or a reduction in your property tax bill

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