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Real estate prices are on a tear in New York and Los Angeles.

But what about in other major cities around the country?

Here’s a look at the top real estate sales in each city and county.1.

New York City: The new Trump Tower is up for sale in Manhattan.

For the past five years, the new Trump-branded tower at 1 World Trade Center in Manhattan has been one of the most talked-about new developments in the city.

But this week, the deal fell through, with an offer from a developer from London’s Highbury.

The price of the $1.2 billion tower, which will feature a glass and steel tower, is currently set at $1 billion.

The project is still a long way off completion, with construction expected to take two years.

In the meantime, the Trump brand will continue to thrive on the market, as the new tower, dubbed Trump Tower 20, has gained traction.

It is currently listed for sale for $2.9 billion.2.

Los Angeles: The Beverly Hilton Hotel is on the hunt for a buyer.

Beverly Hilton has been the darling of many people in Los Angeles for the past two years, thanks to its luxurious and chic new boutique hotel.

However, in the past week, one of its most popular hotel rooms, the $2 billion hotel, went on the auction block.

The Beverly has been under the spotlight of the media and the public for months, but the price tag for the property, which is set to be completed in 2020, is still far above the $3.5 billion it cost to build.


New Orleans: The luxury hotel The Ritz-Carlton is on a hot streak.

While the Ritz remains the hottest hotel in the country, the luxury hotel is in a new market.

In the past three years, hotel occupancy has increased for the first time in five years.

It currently ranks among the top five luxury hotels in the world.4.

San Diego: The San Diego Zoo is under pressure.

Zoo management is looking for a new home to open, and the Zoo has recently been working with a developer to find a buyer for its existing property, The Rooftop.

The zoo has been struggling to attract visitors in recent years.

The Zoo is currently bidding on the property from a consortium led by the San Diego Water Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on conserving the San Gabriel River and other rivers and waterways.5.

Detroit: The Ford Motor Company is looking to open its newest Detroit location, the Ford Motor Museum of Automotive History.

This year, Ford Motor unveiled plans for the Detroit Museum of Motors.

However, the museum will only open in 2019.

Ford has been working on a new campus in the U.S. that will feature more than 200 exhibits and more than 2,000 artifacts.

The museum is expected to open in 2020.


Seattle: The former Boeing plant on Westlake Way in Bellevue, Wash.

is on its way to becoming an apartment complex.

Seattle-based developer Saks Fifth Avenue has been building and renovating the former Boeing Plant on West Lake Way for the last three years.

Construction of the new apartments is expected in 2019, but it is unclear when they will open.

The project is scheduled to cost $2 million per unit.


Minneapolis: The South Loop has the most expensive condominiums in the state.

At $2,000 per square foot, the most-expensive condominium in Minneapolis is a new luxury condo with a floor-to-ceiling glass front and an 18-foot-tall, 2,600-square-foot kitchen.


San Francisco: The most expensive apartment in San Francisco is the $837,000 condo at the historic Tenderloin Hotel.

San Francisco-based condominium developer ApartmentBuilder.com is planning to build a luxury apartment building in the Tender Loin at 2 Tender Loom Street.

It will include six levels of units and a rooftop deck with a pool.

It’s expected to be ready in 2019 or 2020.9.

Los Angles: The Hollywood Sign is under renovation.

It is expected that the Hollywood Sign, the tallest structure in the Los Angeles area, will undergo a complete renovation this year, with the most dramatic change coming this summer.

The Hollywood sign has undergone extensive renovation since 2012.

The structure, which has been on the brink of collapse for years, will likely be ready for its grand opening in 2019 as the city continues to rebuild after Hurricane Irma.10.

Miami: The Palm Beach County-based real estate developer Conex Group has partnered with Miami-Dade County to create a new development for its downtown Miami location, which it hopes will be the first in the United States to feature a mixed-use, mixed-income development.


New Brunswick, N.J.: The New Brunswick Water

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