Experts in Operational Real Estate

A smart phone app lets you use Movoto Real Estate to find properties in your neighborhood for sale.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and is currently in beta.

The Movoto app allows you to look up properties by name, address and price.

The company’s founder, Andrew W. Gullberg, told Business Insider the app will allow you to make a quick call, get an estimate, and then pay in cash or check.

“We’re working on a lot of things that would allow us to get the app out there,” he said.

“So, we’re looking at all these different things.”

In addition to the Movota Real Estate app, Movoto has developed an Android app that you can download for $2.99.

Gail Levey, a Movoto spokeswoman, said the company is looking into a third mobile app, which will also work on iOS and can be used to view properties.

If you want to see how the app works, click here.

The $2,299 price tag is a bit high, but Levey said that “we do believe that the average price is a good benchmark.”

Gullers family owns real estate in Chicago, where he has lived for nearly 30 years.

He said he wants to be able to sell his house at any time.

“It is very important that people understand that I do not have a problem selling,” he told Business Insider.

“I have a very long life expectancy and I know that people would not take advantage of this opportunity for sale.”

You can find the Movovas real estate app at movoto.com, and you can view it in your local area by going to the app’s homepage.

You can also check out Movoto’s blog, and keep up with the company’s latest news at the MovoRealestate blog.

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