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A new study by real estate research firm Zillow says sales of all types of real estate have risen in the state.

The firm says the data shows a strong demand for properties in Montana.

Zillows is a property management firm that tracks real estate data.

Zilow says the state has seen a strong uptick in land sales, from $8.9 billion in the first quarter of 2018 to $10.2 billion in Q1 2019.

The numbers for Montana show an increase in land values of $2.3 billion, or about a 3.4% increase.

The state has also seen an increase of $1.4 billion in total homes sold.

Zillerows research shows that Montana has seen an overall increase of nearly 10% in total housing sales.

Zillaq’s research shows sales of single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, townhomes and condos are up 10.2% in Montana from the same time last year.

The sales data is based on Zillotows data, which is released quarterly.

It shows sales rose 6.2%, which is up about 7% from Q1 2018.

The company says Montana is seeing a big uptick in homes being sold as people move into town.

Zillas sales data also show the market is cooling off, with only a small number of homes being bought for sale in Montana each month.

Zilliow says that the market for single- and townhome homes is cooling as the demand for them is waning.

Zilling said the data is a good indicator of demand and supply for single and townhouse properties.

Zillianz is a real estate information firm.

Zillezz says the new figures show that the state is seeing an increase to home sales, as people are moving into town and renting.

Zilt says there is a lot of inventory in the market.

It said it has seen increases in single-home sales of nearly 20% and townhoms of about 6% in the last 12 months.

Ziliow says Montana has also recorded a decrease in new listings, down from 1,300 homes listed in the second quarter of 2019 to 1,170 homes listed last quarter.

ZILLOW STATEMENT: Montana’s new market is experiencing a strong rebound in housing values, driven by strong demand.

Zills new data shows the state saw a 5.7% increase in new home sales and a 2.3% increase of new housing.

ZILOW STATULES: Zillowing reports that the Montana Real Estate Market has seen strong growth in new sales, with prices continuing to rise.

The real estate market is showing strong strength, with home prices continuing their upward trajectory.

Zellows report notes that home prices in Montana are on track to exceed the average annual price increase of 1.5% for the next five years.

ZIlow says demand for housing is increasing at a rate that is on par with the national average.

Zillary says the average price of a home in Montana is $350,000.

Zilicow said that the average house price in the State of Montana is currently $375,000 and is expected to rise to $500,000 by 2020.

Zillyz reports that home sales in Montana have risen 11.4%, and that the number of new listings is on track for an 8.4 percent increase from the first half of 2018.

Zilys data is released monthly.

It notes that Montana is the fastest-growing market in the United States, with sales growth averaging nearly 10.5%.

Zillovs data shows that the median price of new home listings in Montana was $500 and the median home price in Montana for all sales was $700,000 in Q2 2019.

Zilazzi says the overall market for housing in Montana has been on a strong growth trajectory for the past few years.

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