Experts in Operational Real Estate

A $1 million loss could be a lifetime of pain.

The crash hit investors hard, including me.

I had $1,200,000 invested in a property in Sydney, Australia.

It went into a hold for a year, and my first few months were a struggle.

But the investment was a big investment.

I had been in Australia for seven years and had always owned property, so I knew how it worked.

The property had a history of being used by a family.

When my husband and I moved to Sydney, we decided to keep it.

We thought the home was perfect for our family.

We were not naive.

I did not expect the house to fall apart overnight.

We bought it on a fixed price.

I didn’t expect the investment to go into the toilet.

The investment was huge, and the loss was massive.

I spent the next 10 years searching for a way to recover.

I went through a lot of personal battles.

The loss of money was a huge shock, and I spent time trying to understand what had happened.

Eventually I came up with a plan to try to sell the house.

But I never expected the price to fall so low.

I lost over half a million dollars in real property value, and even more money in my personal finances.

I was in such a mess, I couldn’t afford to pay for medical treatment, and in desperation I sold the house in a distressed property market.

I couldn’t find a buyer.

I lost a lot more money.

I started a blog, and since then I have gone through the ups and downs of a real estate market, from the boom of 2000 to the crash of 2008.

I am not happy, but I am glad to be alive.

Real estate is not an easy business.

You can lose money in the real estate boom and boom, and it can be easy to lose money again.

I have had a lot to cope with in the past few years, but now I can look forward to the rest of my life.

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