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Chicago’s housing market is heating up, and it’s about to get hotter.

The real estate market in Chicago has been on a tear lately, with a record amount of new listings on the Chicago Board of Trade’s Real Estate App.

Real estate agents are selling more inventory than ever, and this has been driving up prices.

But it’s not just Chicago’s real estate prices that are up.

The average price of a new home sold in Chicago is currently $1.2 million, according to a recent report by RealtyTrac.

This is up from $1,053,829 in 2015.

The latest Realty Trac report also found that median home prices in Chicago dropped by 8.9% last year, while median home values rose by 5.4%.

Real estate professionals have been predicting this price drop for some time now.

But in the meantime, many buyers are looking for bargains on homes in Chicago.

There’s a lot of real estate to be had in Chicago, so it’s a great time to buy.

Real Estate in Chicago: The best real estate deals Chicago real estate listings are updated daily.

In 2018, the Chicago realtor of the month for August was Dan Dorn, and the Chicago listing for August 2018 is The St. Francis Hotel & Casino.

The St Francis Hotel is located at 845 W. Wisconsin Ave., Chicago, IL 60654.

This listing includes a one-bedroom unit with 1 bathroom.

You can view the listing for more details.

This home has 2 baths and 2-car garage, which is good for $2,500,000.

The listing price is $1 million, which means you would pay $2.5 million in mortgage interest on this home.

This would be a good value for this home, but don’t expect a lot.

The price of this home is a little more expensive than the listing price of the property itself, but this is not a bad price.

The median home price in Chicago was $1.,037,821 in 2018, which was up from the $1,.5 million median home value for 2018.

The home has a 2,000 square foot home with 1,800 square feet of living room and 1,400 square feet on the ground floor.

The sale price of The St Franciscian Hotel is $2 million.

This property is located in the Park Manor neighborhood, which includes the Park and Lake Shore, Park Manor Park, and Lake View neighborhoods.

The property includes 2,600 square feet, which would make this property one of the most expensive properties in the area.

This real estate listing is available for sale on the Real Estate Board of Chicago’s Real Listings website.

This house has 2 bedrooms and a 2-bath, 4,000-square-foot home.

The buyer is looking for a two-bedroom, two-bath home in the city of Chicago.

The seller is looking to sell this property to the buyer for $1 per month.

This price is a bit too much for this buyer, but you can still get a good price for this property.

The Chicago realtors price guide shows the median home sale price in the Chicago area as $1million.

This average price for Chicago properties is $6 million.

The listings for the property show the seller has already sold it to a buyer, and they’ve made their money back on the property.

This Chicago realestate listing has a $1-million price tag.

This apartment is located on the South Side, in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

This area has the most luxury condominiums in the entire city, and a number of high-end residential projects have been constructed there.

The condo tower in the building has a 1,700-square foot penthouse with 1-bath and 2,800-square feet of ground floor living room, which could sell for $7.5 to $9 million.

It has a 5,000 sq ft backyard.

The condominium has a pool and a spa.

The building is located next to the University of Chicago, and is a great place to live and work.

This condominium is located just off of Illinois Avenue and the Logan Square, which has an average home value of $1 billion.

This condo is located within walking distance of the Lake Shore University campus, which also has a large student population.

The lakefront location and large student housing make it an ideal location for students to live in the most affordable condominium in the neighborhood.

It’s not uncommon for students in the University and Lake Michigan campuses to rent a place in Logan Square.

The Lake Michigan campus is located near the University, the College of DuPage, and Mount Sinai.

The campus also has the largest collection of student housing in the country, with more than 9,000 student housing units.

This campus is just across the street from the Chicago Fire and Red

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