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The man behind a $2.7 billion real estate loan secured by a single investment in a wine production facility has a story to tell.

The story is one of two in the country about a realtor with a long history in the wine industry who has taken a gamble on a potential acquisition of a family business and lost.

It’s also a story about a business that was once thriving in the Napa Valley and now has the worst sales records in California.

And it’s a story that could make him the most famous realtor in California history.

David Roder was born in a small town in New Jersey in 1947 and attended New Jersey State University in Camden, N.J. He graduated with a degree in history and served as an Army officer in Vietnam.

Roder and his wife, Carol, bought a home in the affluent suburb of Napa, where they raised their three children.

Their property was a favorite spot for families to gather for picnics, picnicking and a lot of wine.

They even had a wine cellar in the backyard.

The family owned an upscale Napa home, where family members could visit their daughter, Elizabeth, on weekends.

In the 1970s, they began buying up vineyards in Napa.

Then, they started buying up real estate.

And now, the couple owns the property that bears their name.

Rod, who is in his 80s, said the family would like to sell the vineyard to someone else.

“But the reality is, if we go ahead with it, it’s going to be the worst sale in the history of the wine business,” Roder said.

“I’m just trying to help somebody else,” he added.

Rod is the son of a prominent Napa realtor who also was once the chief operating officer of a major wine company.

That was the company that sold to MillerCoors.

Rod’s father, David, had a history in wine, starting his own wine business and then becoming a major investor in Napas largest wine producer, Wolfer Estate Vineyard.

David’s son, Charles, started a wine and wine-making company that became Wolfer and later Wolfer estate vineyards.

Charles Roder’s business, Wolffer Estate Vineyards, produces more than 2 million bottles of wine annually and is the largest producer in the state.

Wolfer Estate has produced more than 200,000 bottles of wines annually for years, and it is one part of a $10 billion winery operation that is also producing about 2 million barrels annually.

It has also become one of the most successful wineries in the world.

In 2014, it produced more wine than any other winery in California, according to the Wine Spectator magazine.

It is one reason why Roder is now in the market for a wine producer to buy his property.

His wife, Mary, has the expertise to be able to buy Wolfer Vineyards from Roder, but she is willing to do it for $250 million.

She would have to get rid of the property’s assets and build a new one on top of the Wolfer vineyard.

“We’re looking for someone who is going to help us buy this property,” Rodor said.

The Roder family has owned Wolfer since 1995, when they purchased the property for $200,000.

They paid a nominal mortgage and took out a $150,000 line of credit to pay the $1.7 million purchase price.

But that was only the beginning of the deal.

David and Carol Roder had their sights set on their next project, which they were determined to complete.

In 1997, Roder and Carol bought a $1 million home on a large lot on the west side of the Napas River in the city of Woodland Hills.

The property, now known as the Roder Estate, was built by Wolfer, who was also the first owner of the land.

That home is now the Roders’ home and has become their main business.

Roders wife, Jane, is the president and chief operating executive of Wolfer.

Jane Roder has been the company’s chief executive for nearly 30 years.

The company makes the wine, the wine-products and the winery products, she said.

Jane and her husband, Charles Rod, own a large portion of Wolff Estate Vinegar, which includes about 40,000 acres of land in Napalocca.

They have invested $150 million in Wolff estate vinegars winery.

The first one was finished in 1999 and is now known simply as Wolfer’s Vineyard, Jane Roder says.

“This vineyard has been an amazing success and it has had an amazing legacy,” she said, adding that she and Charles Roders family had been planning for Wolff for years.

They started with the vineyards first product, a limited edition grape called Oloroso.

The family used the name for

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