Experts in Operational Real Estate

A scotsona real estate company has hired more than 50 people in the past year to help manage a real estate office in downtown Scottsdale, according to documents filed with the state.

The company, Scotties Graham, is the first Scottsville-based real estate management company to hire outside workers in more than a decade, according a state regulatory filing.

The move came as the company has struggled to lure new residents into the city.

Scottys Graham says it hired 35 people last year to work at the Scotts Valley Office of the President, a building leased to the company by the city of Scottsburg.

The firm’s real estate arm has been operating out of the building since July 2016.

The Scotts valley office, which was originally opened in 2005, was remodeled and relocated to the Scotters Valley Business Center in 2016.

It’s currently operated by Scott’s Graham LLC.

Scotts Graham said in its filing that it will hire 50 new workers this year, while another 50 new employees will be hired in the next two years.

The jobs are part of the company’s effort to get people moving into the ScotTS Valley, which is expected to add 5,000 residents in 2021.

Scotts is the sixth-largest city in Arizona, and its growth has led to the region being home to some of the state’s most prominent tech companies.

In addition to Scottias Graham, other companies that have moved to Scotts are BitMEX, BitPay, Zappos and Expedia.

The city is also home to the city’s new downtown.

In the past, Scotchdale real-estate agents and brokers have worked with Scottics Graham to help with the citys redevelopment efforts, according.

The office has hosted several conferences for local businesses, including a series called “The Future Scotts,” which is hosted by the Scotted, a real-life version of the Scotters.

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