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When Alabama real estate auctioneer Trisha Mitchell purchased her first home for $7.2 million, she knew she wanted to stay on the hunt for her next.

“I knew there was something in the air,” Mitchell said.

“The house looked beautiful, the location looked beautiful and there were all these great people and I thought I would make it work.”

After she bought her first property, Mitchell said she realized the sale was just the beginning of her journey.

“It was very exciting,” Mitchell told ABC News.

“I had never had any real estate experience, but I was a little skeptical.

I was kind of excited to see what this business was all about.”

But that was not the only thing Mitchell wanted.

She wanted to have the perfect home for her husband to live in.

And the perfect property to buy for her children.

After buying her first house in the late 1960s, Mitchell and her husband, Richard, were not happy with the state of the real estate market.

“We didn’t know what to do with our property,” Mitchell recalled.

“We didn and we did not have any other options.”

So Mitchell started looking for properties and found herself looking for the perfect buyer.

“The property was a nice, small, white, four-story house,” Mitchell recounted.

“And I said to my husband, ‘If you want to buy it, I can do that.’

And he said, ‘Well, why would I want to sell it?'”

Mitchell then decided to take the plunge.

“So we went to the bank and they were like, ‘Are you crazy?’

I said, I am crazy, I have no clue,” Mitchell remembered.

“They were like ‘Well look at this house, this is going to be the best thing in the world.'”

Mitchell said she had the perfect opportunity.

“There was a house for sale,” she said.

“[The buyer] was an elderly gentleman and he wanted to buy this house.

And I was like, what?

Why would I even do that?”

Mitchell, who is now 71, said her husband was surprised at the price.

“He said, well, we’ll figure it out, we’re not going to give up and we’re going to make it happen,” Mitchell continued.

“And so he put $20,000 down on it and I was just blown away.

And he was like ‘You got me.’

He’s like a crazy person.

And now we’re talking about getting married.”

Mitchell and Richard Mitchell are now celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary and Mitchell said they’re thrilled to have found a home for their children.

“All these people have been asking me if we want to be married, and I say, ‘Absolutely, let’s be married,'” Mitchell said, laughing.

Mitchell says the process of finding the perfect real estate agent has been a learning experience for her and her family.

“When I first started doing this, I didn’t even have the money,” Mitchell explained.

“So when I started to start looking around and I found a lot of real estate agents that weren’t that knowledgeable about this, it really helped me understand what it was that I was looking for and what it would take for me to be able to buy.”

Mitchel said she and her son have been fortunate to find a real estate professional who understands the importance of the family’s finances and the value of their home.

“They really cared about the family,” Mitchell added.

“When you’re in the real property business, there are people who really do care about your family.

It’s just about what’s best for you and your family.”

Mitcher said she plans to remain on the search for new homes for her family and says the goal of her next real estate sale is to “buy something that I can see myself in my home when I’m gone.”

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