Experts in Operational Real Estate

You can’t just buy your way into a good deal.

It’s hard to just get a new home.

And it can be a big job search.

That’s why the real estate market is heating up.

The real estate industry is still growing in Hawaii, but it’s slowly moving from a boom to a bust, as a wave of people and new construction are coming to the state.

But what are some of the best and worst real estate deals in the state?


Kaleidoscope Homes Hawaii’s largest real estate company, Kaleidscape, is expanding its headquarters to downtown Honolulu.

It will have 2,200 full-time employees and a $30 million investment.

The company will create 3,000 jobs, and will add 1,000 of those to the downtown location, according to its press release.

The news comes after the company was rumored to be looking for an office building in downtown Honolulu to accommodate a planned expansion.


T-Mobile Hawaii is hiring more than 300 employees in the coming years.

The carrier plans to build a $10 million development in the city’s downtown and a 2.5-acre park.

TMO’s expansion plan includes building a hotel and condominiums in downtown and on the site of a former World War II bomb site.

TMT is building the development to accommodate an expansion of its workforce.


Pinnacle Properties Pinnacle’s CEO, Tom Beggs, says the company has seen strong growth in the Hawaii real estate sector since it began operations in 2011.

Begg, who also runs an engineering consulting firm, said the company is seeing “a real increase in the number of jobs we’re bringing to Hawaii.”

In the coming few years, Pinnacle will have 50 full- and part-time positions, as well as an additional 400 employees.

The new office building will create about 5,000 permanent jobs and more than 2,000 temporary jobs, according the company’s press release, which notes the building will be built with mixed-use and residential properties.


Home Depot Hawaii’s Home Depot has announced it is expanding in downtown Hawaii, and the company will build a 1.5 million-square-foot office building.

The expansion will be the largest single-family development in Hawaii’s history.

The move comes after a $40 million investment by Home Depot, which will add more than 500 jobs to the area.


CenturyLink Hawaii’s CenturyLink is expanding two of its office buildings in downtown Waikiki, the company said in a press release this week.

The development will bring 400 new jobs and will be a “world class, multi-use building that will attract the very best talent and drive economic development and economic revitalization in the central and southern Waikilias,” the company added.

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