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A house in New York’s Hillwood estate that has stood vacant for more than a decade is up on the market for $4 million.

Key points:The family’s home is worth about $3.5 million and sold in the 1990sThe home is located on a quiet, rural, remote corner of the countryIn the early 2000s, the Hillwood family had been looking for a home that would be able to house their young daughter for two yearsA friend recommended a family-owned property, and the couple decided to build the house on a small piece of land, the owner of the property told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“It was just a piece of rural land, it was a bit of a place that didn’t get a lot of attention in terms of development,” David Hillwood said.

The property has stood empty since 2004 when the family moved into the Hillwoods’ three-bedroom home.

They had to leave the family’s two-bedroom apartment and the family had to move out because it was not affordable for the children, who were also growing up in the home.

“The kids weren’t living in it as much as we wanted them to,” Mr Hillwood told ABC News.

“But the children were happy, the kids were happy in the house, so it was just sort of a point of departure.”

Mr Hillwood, who was also a farmer, said he had always wanted a home for his daughters, so he approached the local council with a request to purchase the property.

“I’d always wanted to live in New Zealand, and I had always thought that was where my children should live,” he said.

“We’ve been here for a while, so I wanted to buy it, and it was about time I did.”

The family bought the land and built the house.

The family said the house was built with “a lot of love and care”, and they planned to have a large backyard with a swimming pool.

“They’re very happy there,” Mr Johnson said.

He said the property was beautiful, but he was concerned that some neighbours had been upset about the house being left in its current state.

“My concern is that it will not be as nice or as safe as it needs to be,” Mr Hall said.

Mr Johnson said he was planning to buy the property for $2.5million.


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