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Three of Scottsdales most expensive real estate is available for sale, but it might not be for a long time.

The property listing of a £500,000 home in the centre of Scotting, which has the town’s name in its name, has been placed on the market.

It’s listed for a property value of £5,865,000. 

The listing states: “We are currently looking for a buyer. 

We are a family-owned and operated company and we have over 50 years of combined experience and know-how in the industry. 

 “We will do everything possible to accommodate the current needs of the owner and our clients, including, but not limited to, the renovation and renovation services. 

“The owner will also have the opportunity to discuss options for the sale, which may include the option of a full refurbishment. 

If this does not work out we will have the option to sell, and will then be responsible for the remaining costs of the property.”

The property is located in Scotting’s famous Wigwam Valley, which was developed by the British architect Sir John Wigam in 1848.

The listing also states: “This property was developed for the local population and the surrounding area by the company that developed the site. 

There is currently a new home being built on the site, and it is currently undergoing extensive renovations. 

It will have a new facade, landscaping, and other additions that will make it more appealing to locals and visitors to Scotts. 

A number of locals and tourists are visiting the property to enjoy the natural beauty and great shopping experience. 

This is an exceptional location for this property to develop and develop.”

The home, which is currently being renovated, is located on the property next to the local railway station, and has a lot of views of the river.

It has a two-storey detached house, and a two bedroom detached house.

The listing states that there are four bedrooms and two baths in the house, with a two car garage and a garage door.

The house was built in 1867, and is currently owned by John Geddes, a member of the Geddens family, who has owned the Scotts property for over 75 years.

Mr Gedde, who was born in Scotland, had been building houses in Scotterland and the Wigmore Valley for many years.

He died in 2004.

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