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It’s easy to forget that we live in a place where rent control exists.

A law in New York City, passed in 1984, has limited rents to 30 percent of the median household income.

In the city of New Orleans, where I live, rents are capped at about 10 percent.

In New York, rent control is enforced by a rent board.

In Los Angeles, a new rent board is being formed.

It’s the kind of thing you’d think would never happen, but New York’s real estate boom has brought with it a wave of rent-control laws that are driving up rents.

The rise of rent control, which started in Los Angeles in 2012 and is spreading throughout the country, has been a big part of the rise in housing prices and the cost of living in America.

But it’s not just the cost to rent.

In many places, rent controls don’t really work.

They increase rents, driving down prices.

In other places, they help, by making it more affordable to live in certain neighborhoods.

And in some places, their effect is more limited than it is in others.

What’s behind the rent-restrictions?

There are three main factors that make rent control more likely to work in places like New York and Los Angeles: it’s the law’s target: rent control targets people who own or rent their homes, and it’s a law’s enforcement mechanism: rent restrictions can be enforced by police, city and state officials or by local and state regulators.

Rent control in New Orleans It’s legal to rent out your apartment, a common practice in many big cities.

And there are a lot of reasons to rent an apartment: It’s cheaper to buy and renovate, it’s more convenient for your family, and, of course, you get to stay in your place longer.

And when it comes to rents, there’s no doubt that you should expect to pay a fair bit more.

But when it came to enforcing rent control laws, the law was never intended to be enforced on every single person, especially in cities where there is a big concentration of wealth.

When a rent control law was passed in Los Angles in 1984 by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, it was aimed at the owners of single-family houses.

It required that anyone who owned a home, even if it was just one, be required to pay rent at least every six months.

But the law did not include provisions for the people who rent their apartments out, which is why it’s now widely accepted that many people do not pay their rent.

And because the law requires landlords to be landlords, it means that they can charge higher rents to those who rent out apartments.

In a city like Los Angeles that is not a large metropolitan area, it doesn’t really make sense to enforce the law on the landlords themselves, because it’s impossible for them to afford the extra rent.

That’s where rent-regulation laws come in.

Rent controls are the law that requires landlords and other property owners to rent to people who have already lived there.

But in a city with a lot more housing, landlords might be able to make money by charging higher rents.

So in cities like Los Angels, where the number of apartments is growing rapidly, the rent control authorities are trying to find ways to enforce it.

In 2011, the New Orleans Rent Board, which has jurisdiction over the city’s rental market, started enforcing rent controls.

It had been doing that since the 1980s, but it had never had a significant impact on the price of apartments.

The first time the rent board enforced a rent-controlled law was in 1993, when it enforced the law in the city.

The next time the board enforced it was in 2000, and by then the rent had gone up by a factor of about 10.

Rent-control advocates were pleased that it happened, because they believed that it would have a strong deterrent effect on landlords who were doing nothing wrong.

But other advocates, like the real estate lobby, were not.

They were concerned that the law would discourage people from renting to people like them.

Renters are always on the lookout for ways to make rent go down.

The real estate industry has long lobbied against rent control in Los Angeles, arguing that it forces landlords to raise prices.

And so the real-estate lobby had a different view.

“We thought the real concern of the landlords would be that if the law got enforced, they’d be unable to compete and raise prices to compensate for that,” says Richard Cogan, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute.

“If you enforce the rent limit, you actually drive prices down.”

In 2004, the Los Angeles City Council passed a law requiring landlords to pay at least 90 percent of their rent to the city, and that law has been in place since 2009.

That law has increased rents for the citywide rental market by a whopping 1,200 percent since 2003, and has pushed the average rent

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