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A lot of people are looking forward to the opening of a $25 million project in the heart of New York’s Times Square, which will transform an abandoned building into a large, multi-purpose art museum.

The idea for the project, which has received approval from the city, comes as a New Orleans resident recently bought a $10,000 painting for $5,000.

The painting, “City of Light,” was purchased by local artist James F. Wilson at auction, with the proceeds donated to a local nonprofit organization.

Wilson, who also sells a wide variety of art, said the painting was chosen for its “symbolic, symbolic, historical, and environmental significance.”

“It is not a very visible piece of art,” Wilson said.

“It is in a very old building, in the middle of a city, and it is also in a public park, and I have a lot of interest in the connection between the two.”

Wilson’s work was purchased at auction by a New York City resident, who then donated the funds to the City of Light project.

Wilson said that his paintings have been displayed at museums in the U.S., the U.-Korea, and abroad.

“I have painted more than 70,000 pieces and I’ve sold about 70,001 pieces,” he said.

Wilson is the co-founder and president of the New Orleans Arts Foundation.

The City of Night, which is being built by the nonprofit organization in partnership with New York developer Tishman Speyer, will be located in an abandoned industrial building on Fifth Avenue.

It will include a gallery, restaurant, art studios, offices, an outdoor stage, and a small museum.

In addition to the painting, the museum will include sculptures, paintings, and other objects.

The project will cost $25.5 million.

The New York Times, which owns the building, is responsible for the redevelopment of the former industrial site, and is looking for additional funding to help it through the construction phase.

The museum will be open to the public on the first and second Saturday of every month from February to May.

It is expected to open to visitors on the third Saturday of each month, as well.

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