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A real estate agent who was forced to ‘cheat’ on a visa application is claiming she was ‘bullied’ by the Immigration Department, while another is alleging her claims are ‘misleading’.

Key points:Immigration officials are investigating claims a former Real Estate Broker had a visa revoked after her family was unable to secure funding for her applicationIn an email, a real estate professional claims she was forced into “fraud” by Immigration DepartmentIn an interview with News.co.nz, the woman says she had a long history of “bullying” the immigration department on the application process before she was eventually granted a visa.

Ms Breslau’s husband, who had been living in New Zealand for more than two decades, had not been able to secure sufficient funds for his visa application and her husband’s application had been rejected.

In an e-mail to the ABC, Ms Breslay said she was “bullied” by the immigration office.

“I was constantly being pressured to lie on my visa application.

I was threatened with deportation, but I couldn’t leave the country,” she said.

Ms Poulin, a former Australian passport office employee, said she had been “bullier” by immigration officials.

“When I went into immigration, I told them I was applying for a permanent visa for my family because they could not get funding for my application, so I told the immigration officer that I was going to lie and get the visa granted.

I told her I was coming from a country with an open immigration system,” Ms Pouil said.”

It was a lie, because I knew there was no way I could get a permanent passport if I lied on the visa application, I knew I would not get a visa in New Zealands because I was an Australian citizen.”

Ms Pouglin said the Immigration department then pressured her into ‘faking’ her story.

“They didn’t just say ‘fake your visa application’ or ‘fake my visa status’ or something like that, they said ‘do what you want’,” she said, adding that they even tried to remove her visa application form from her office and put her into a queue to be refused entry to the country.

“So they were actually telling me that if I didn’t lie to the immigration officers that they would not grant me a visa, and that is what was happening,” Ms Brellau said.

She was later granted a permanent Australian passport.

In her email to the News.org.au, Ms Pougli said the immigration officials who allegedly bullied her on the immigration application process were her former employer, a family member of the former Real Property Broker, and the woman herself.

“The people who forced me to lie to them were also the person who forced them to get a Visa in my name, and they are all my family members,” Ms Sperry said.

Immigration Commissioner Andrew Boyd told News.net.au his office was reviewing Ms Poulle’s claims and it was “working on this matter”.

“It is important to recognise that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable,” Mr Boyd said.

The Immigration Department is investigating Ms Poultlle’s allegations, and will look into them.

“If any information comes to light which relates to the alleged conduct of this immigration officer, it will be passed on to the relevant police agencies and the Department of Internal Affairs,” a spokesperson for Immigration said.ABC/APTopics:immigration,real-estate,government-and-politics,national-affairs,national,federal—state-issues,government,government—news,latin-america

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