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– For years, you could find realtor listings on Airbnb.

Now, some of the listings have been taken down.

The company that manages the listings has said it’s investigating.

Realtor Nick Osterman told ABC News the company has no knowledge of the complaints.

“This is a business, and they have to comply with all local and state laws,” he said.

The Nashville Real Estate Association (NREA) is the state’s biggest real estate agents association, with about 2,500 members, but some of its members have been reporting the complaints to Airbnb, and it says it’s looking into the situation.

“We are aware of a complaint and have been in contact with the real estate association,” said Jennifer Loeffler, Airbnb’s public relations manager, in a statement.

Loeffer said Airbnb has been working with the NREA to resolve the issue.

Airbnb is not affiliated with the Nashville Real estate Association, but is part of the larger real estate industry.

Earlier this year, Airbnb was sued in California for violating the state anti-discrimination laws when it failed to meet the standards it set for its hosts.

Airbnb said it would pay $1 million to settle the lawsuit.

Last week, the company announced it would create an anti-harassment policy to address the complaints about real estate listings.

Airbnb was also sued in Virginia last week for allegedly violating anti-bullying laws.

The NREO says its members are “disappointed” in the way the company is handling the situation, and are seeking a settlement.

Airbnb told ABCNews.com it is not cooperating with the complaint and will review the issue with the organization.

Airbnb says it has “no knowledge” of the issues.

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