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What is buyer beware?

The word is out.

Buying a home in Seattle is becoming increasingly difficult, as the city has seen record numbers of foreclosures, which have caused property values to decline.

A new report from the city’s real estate website, SeattleRealEstateAlert, shows the median sale price for a home sold in Seattle since the start of 2017 has dropped more than $1,000.

This is an average of all sales in Seattle.

The median price dropped from $1.8 million to $1 million in just two months.

The median price has dropped over 30% since January of last year, and the median price for homes sold in January 2017 was $1million.

This means Seattle has been on a tear over the last few years.

The Seattle real estate market has been a major driver of job growth in the city.

The average salary for Seattle employees increased by 7.7% in 2017, which was up from 7.3% the year before.

The average salary is the average pay for a full-time employee.

In 2018, the median salary in Seattle grew by 4.2%.

The median salary is also up from the year prior.

In fact, the Seattle median income is up over 8.5% since the year 2000.

The data also shows Seattle is seeing a huge jump in the number of new homes sold each year.

The number of homes sold has jumped by more than 3,000 each year over the past five years.

A large number of those homes were built in 2017.

In 2017, more than 7,000 homes were sold in the Seattle area.

That’s a 4.5-fold increase from the same time in 2016.

Another important piece of the puzzle is that Seattle has seen a massive increase in people moving to the city from other parts of the country.

In 2017, the number increased by 1.2 million people.

In 2018, it increased by more like 5.5 million.

So Seattle has a higher number of people moving here to work than anywhere else in the country, according to the data.

This is another trend that is starting to become more apparent to Seattleites.

In February of 2017, Seattle experienced its first record-breaking heat wave.

The city saw more than 1,000 people injured, and 1,300 died.

Seattle is a city with a lot of history, and a lot to live for.

So, when you hear the term “buyer Beware”, it is an important reminder that Seattleites need to be careful when it comes to making decisions.

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