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It seems like a small thing but Alaska real estate app Coran has just launched a real-life property search that lets you find homes and apartments near you, without actually having to walk around the neighborhood.

The app, which is free, was built by the developer of the popular Alaska Real Estate App, Coran.

The real estate search features a virtual “bundle” of real estate data, such as properties in a specific ZIP code and neighborhood, and the user is given a search term, such to “What’s right across from where you live,” or “What is nearby?”

Coran’s real-time information will tell you when the market is likely to be more competitive, how much inventory is available, and what kinds of amenities people would want to add to their property.

For example, a listing in the Anchorage area for a new condo might have the same amenities as an upscale condo in the town of Anchorage, Alaska.

The search feature can be turned off, but the real estate market is constantly changing, so you’ll still be able to find properties close to you if you want.

Coran doesn’t offer any “free” options, and Coran said it plans to add more features to the app over time.

“We hope to add a variety of tools and capabilities to help users find and rent their own property,” the company wrote on its website.

For now, Coronan says it will continue to provide “unlimited access to our real-world data.”

This is the latest in a long line of big-name real estate apps that have taken advantage of the mobile age.

For years, Airbnb offered real-name listings of hotel rooms in hotels around the world.

And even as social media sites and mobile apps grew more popular, real-location-aware apps like Google Maps and Uber have also taken advantage, with Uber driving people to hotels with the right driver.

There are other real-property apps that allow you to find property on your mobile device.

The New York Times has been tracking real-land property listings since 2008, but most of the listings are from the U.S., and the Times is always on the lookout for more.

This post was updated on Oct. 29 to correct the name of the real-space app.

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