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Real estate prices have risen by more than 40 per cent over the past five years in Sydney and Melbourne, but Sydney and Brisbane are the two areas with the highest rates of buyer anxiety, according to a new survey.

The ABS National Housing Survey has been asked the same questions about affordability in each of the three Australian capitals.

Sydney and Queensland are the only two cities in the survey to have the highest home prices, and Melbourne and Sydney are the most affordable.

Home prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane rose by 38.6 per cent in real terms, while in Perth they rose by 25.7 per cent and in Adelaide they rose 16.1 per cent.

While the ABS National Survey is the only one that can measure buyer anxiety in a city, it is also the most sensitive to the price of a home.

In a recent article for ABC News, ABC’s Ben Geddes and ABC’s Peter Hunt found that while home prices in Brisbane had gone up by 20 per cent from 2009 to 2016, they have not seen a rise in buyer anxiety.

The report said the rising prices were driven by the construction of the WestConnex and the expansion of the CBD, which has resulted in more construction of apartments and apartments and further development of housing.

Gedding and Hunt also said that while the survey showed the real estate market was “tight”, the average price of homes in Sydney remained “stable”.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it was too early to draw conclusions about the impact of the construction boom on buyer anxiety levels.

“The survey data suggests the building boom has not had a significant impact on consumer confidence and house price growth in Sydney or Melbourne,” it said in a statement.

Home buyers in Sydney also said the boom in the construction industry had increased their concerns.

According to the ABS survey, the average buyer was more than twice as concerned about their home than the average homeowner in the same market in 2016.

The average homeowner also reported being more concerned about the amount of maintenance required, having to wait longer for repairs and having to pay for repairs themselves.

The survey found that buyer anxiety increased significantly in Sydney in 2016, while Melbourne was the only Australian city with no significant differences between buyer and homeowner anxiety levels in 2016 or 2016-17.

The Sydney and Greater Brisbane region has the highest levels of buyer anxious buyers.

In the Brisbane region, Sydney and the Gold Coast region have the most buyer anxious homeowners.

In Melbourne, buyers were the most likely to report buyer anxiety during the year.

In Brisbane, the ABS reported that in 2016-18, buyer anxiety was more prevalent in Melbourne than in Sydney.

The real estate industry is currently working to address the issue.

Home Builders Australia CEO Peter Smith said the ABS data should be taken with a grain of salt, saying it was likely to be an underestimation of the issue given the way the industry is regulated.

“We are constantly working to ensure that we’re providing the best housing and construction services for Australian buyers,” Smith said.

The Australian Construction Industry Association’s chief executive officer Peter Taylor said the realignment of the building industry in Australia was the main reason for the increase in home prices. “

Our response to buyer anxiety is not to reduce supply but to ensure the best services are available to Australian buyers.”

The Australian Construction Industry Association’s chief executive officer Peter Taylor said the realignment of the building industry in Australia was the main reason for the increase in home prices.

“There is a significant opportunity for the building and construction industry in the next two decades to develop further,” he said.

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