Experts in Operational Real Estate

The Phoenix real estate market is booming and the number of sales is at a record high.

This is not good news for the city’s struggling real estate industry.

Here’s what to know about the real estate giants in Phoenix.


Phoenix Real Estate: A mix of family-owned businesses, including real estate brokers and real estate agents, has grown rapidly in recent years.

With prices in Phoenix rising faster than the national average, there’s plenty of demand for real estate.

The median home price in Phoenix reached $3.1 million in September, up 12.6% from a year earlier, according to the Zillow Real Estate Market Index.

That’s well above the national median price of $2,827,000.

Phoenix is home to several real estate firms that are well-known for their strong customer service and high-quality service.

One of the largest and best-known is Phoenix Realty Trust, which was founded in 1988.

Its real estate agent, Joe Phelan, has worked at some of the most prestigious real estate agencies in the country.

Phoenix Realtors are also known for their loyalty and their ability to work with anyone.

Phelans family has built a reputation for being loyal and fair to all customers.

He has won awards for his real estate and broker services.


Sunland Real Estate Group: Sunland has been an American family-run real estate firm since 1947.

It was founded by former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Sunlands family has been the realty provider to many of the biggest corporations in the world, including Bank of America, U.S. Steel and Bank of New York Mellon.

Sun Lands is owned by Sun Land Group, a subsidiary of Sun Enterprises Group.

The Sun Lands real estate company has been on the rise in recent times.

SunLand has been ranked No. 3 in the U.K. in sales growth over the last two years, according the Zellers Real Estate Report.

Sun Land is a division of the Sun Corporation, which is one of the world’s largest private companies.


Sunwood Group: With more than 200 real estate brokerage and office buildings across the U., Sunwood is a big player in the Phoenix realtor market.

The Phoenix-based firm has about 2,500 full-time employees.

Sunwoods real estate sales have been growing steadily over the past few years, especially in recent months.

SunWood is owned and operated by Sunwoods Group, which also operates Phoenix Reortions, Sunwood’s other real estate business.

Sun Woods was ranked No 1 in the United States in revenue in the last quarter of 2016.


Sunstone Real Estate Partners: Sunstone has been one of Phoenix’s leading real estate corporations for decades.

The company was founded at the end of World War II and continues to grow today.

Sunstones core real estate segment includes real estate management and brokerage, and realty brokerage and realtors.

It also owns and operates Sunland Realty, which has offices in Arizona and the District of Columbia.

Sun Stones real estate portfolio is valued at $20.8 billion, according Zillows report.


Sunway Real Estate LLC: Sunway is the largest, oldest and largest family-operated real estate broker and realtor in Phoenix and the largest in the nation.

Sunways real estate division includes realty management, realtings, office real estate properties, and a portfolio of other assets.

SunWay is based in West Valley City, Arizona.

Sun Way has more than 2,000 full- and part-time and hourly employees.


PhoenixRealty.com: PhoenixRealties.com is the most widely used real estate search engine in the US, with more than 6 million unique visitors per month.

It is the second largest source of real estate listings on the web, behind ZillOW.

Phoenixrealty.org is the preferred source of online listings for buyers and sellers of Phoenix realtours, and for many other local and regional real estate markets.

The site also provides real estate information and offers advice to potential buyers and their agents.


Phoenix Properties Inc.: Phoenix Properties is a family-focused real estate investment trust.

The investment trust, based in Phoenix, has more assets than any other major investment trust in the state of Arizona.

Its investments include a portfolio that includes more than 3,300 Phoenix homes and more than $3 billion in real estate assets.

Phoenixproperties.com has a diverse portfolio of properties and manages about 2.3 million properties.


Apartment Listings.com Inc.: ApartmentListings.net Inc. is a digital apartment listing service for buyers, sellers and apartment operators in Phoenix-area suburbs.

The website provides apartment listings for a wide range of price ranges.

Apartments on Apartment Lists are priced at $350-$1,000 per square foot. 9. Phoenix

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