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President Donald Trump is poised to fire up the flamethrower against an FBI probe into the death of his political foe and the FBI’s investigation into his own campaign.

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information and a Justice Department probe into a Trump campaign aide’s handling and disclosure of classified materials has become a rallying cry for the populist right and a potent rallying cry against the Justice Department and its own investigation into the Trump campaign.

Trump is not the only one flinging a punch at the bureau, but the president and his supporters are not alone in their anger.

The White House has been waging a war against the investigation, which is examining whether Clinton or her aides improperly mishandled or destroyed records.

In a sign of how the White House’s attack on the FBI probe is going, Trump’s former White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted Wednesday that the investigation is a “bombshelf.”

Spicer was referring to the explosive FBI investigation, and the “bargain basement” in which it is being conducted.

The FBI investigation is “about as bad as it gets,” Spicer tweeted, adding, “You’re going to get more bang for your buck from the DOJ and the IG.”

The Justice Department declined to comment on Spicer’s comment.

But Trump has also made it clear that he is eager to have his political opponents and the Justice Justice Department prosecuted for any wrongdoing.

The White House on Tuesday fired off a furious Twitter barrage against the FBI and the Clinton investigation, saying the probe was being conducted by a partisan “special prosecutor.”

The FBI’s internal review into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state is ongoing.

That probe was launched after it was revealed in July that Clinton and her aides were using a private server to conduct official business during the time that she was secretary of State.

The Justice and FBI departments declined to provide details about the investigation or provide any additional information about the probe.

The Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, in a speech in Arizona, Trump said he was going to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and his campaign said it would seek to remove him from office if he continues to pursue Clinton and the investigation.

“We have a special prosecutor.

We’re not going to let him destroy the country.

We’ll get him out of here,” Trump said.

Trump has used the campaign’s anti-Mueller attack to rally his supporters.

In addition to his anti-Clinton attack, Trump has attacked Mueller, calling him a “crook” and a “loser.”

Mueller is a former FBI director, a former prosecutor, and is being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.

He is not being paid for his work, Trump told supporters in Colorado on Tuesday.

“Robert Mueller is not a crooked man.

He’s a loser.

He got a lot of people fired.

It’s the Democrats who fired him.

He lost all of them.

He had a lot.

I think they should’ve fired him,” Trump told an audience in a rally.

Trump also accused the Justice and the DOJ of having a vendetta against him and that the investigations into his campaign were being conducted to protect him from him.

“There are a lot more people in jail.

There are a whole lot more cases out there, people who are guilty, people that shouldn’t be in jail, that shouldn, that should be prosecuted,” Trump declared.

Trump’s campaign said he has never suggested that he has committed a crime and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

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